"I strive for a stress-free life"

"I strive for a stress-free life"

Madison, 28, joined our testing panel for DESTRESS 360, our new stress-care supplement, to manage the effects of daily stress. 

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Madison, 28, is an aesthetic student and beauty content creator based in Denver Colorado after the pandemic brought her back closer to family.

She joined our testing panel for DESTRESS 360, our new stress-care supplement, to manage the effects of daily stress. Read on to discover Madison’s stress journey.


When did you first notice stress affecting you?
I worked an incredibly stressful job in the beauty industry in NYC starting in 2019. I was working long hours almost everyday in an incredibly stressful environment and had a very tough boss. Although it was my dream job, I could feel the stress taking over my life the longer I worked there. Once the pandemic began, my husband and I decided to quarantine in Denver with my family and I quit my job. It was the best and worst decision, but ultimately it was the right decision. That unfortunately didn’t mean that after quitting I wouldn't have a whirlwind of emotions, I spent 2020 under a massive amount of stress trying to put my life back together after leaving my job and life I loved so much.

When do you feel the most stressed?
I hate the “unknown” . My anxiety and stress tend to run wild when I am not sure what my next move is. I manifest every morning and know every next move to get to where I want to go, but 2020-2021 felt like so much was up in the air. I had a really difficult time controlling my stress and managing my anxiety. I felt like I was unable to grasp any sort of reality because it all felt too overwhelming. 

Have you ever felt stress-free?
The few days after quitting my job were pure bliss. It was the first time after working so hard not only to get that job but also at that job that I felt peace. I stopped getting a pit in my stomach when my phone buzzed and I was so happy. I felt the weight of the world off of my shoulders. 

What does feeling stress-free feel like to you?
Stress free to me feels like a million open seats on an air-conditioned subway; putting your feet in the sand without anyone around; it feels like an ice cold drink of water after a Soulcycle class—it's peaceful.  Stress-free feels like vacation every day of the year. I strive for a stress-free life. 

How does stress affect you?
Stress affects every aspect of my life because stress is all-consuming to me, so anything and everything can be affected in different ways—a lack of inspiration and excitement to bring to work, my relationship and a lack of focus all around. I find that stress and depression go hand in hand for me so I tend to get into a depressive funk. 

How do you de-stress?
Pilates, hot yoga, moving my body, sitting in the sun, playing with my dog, listening to Taylor Swift and crying just a little bit, taking a bath, a face mask—any sort of self care to me has an element of de-stressing. Connecting with my body helps ground me when I tend to stress. And of course staying off social media at all costs. 

How do you deal with stress when you can’t avoid it?
I get incredibly quiet and I feel stress throughout my whole body. I won’t respond to any phone calls or messages and my speaking is very minimal. If I have nothing to do I will most likely keep to myself and stay in bed all day. 

Where do you feel stress in your body?
Ugh, everywhere! I get the worst pit in my stomach that makes me feel like I am constantly on a rollercoaster. I carry my stress in my neck, upper back, and shoulders. I am a massage therapist's dream. 

What effects has DESTRESS 360 had on you? 
I don’t even think I could list them all! I have had such an excitement for life since DESTRESS 360. My stress is manageable now, making the little things more enjoyable. I feel an improvement in relationships, libido, happiness, and overall mood. My focus and drive are back as well after this chaotic and unexpected year. My motivation was lacking and I feel excited to work and create again. 

Why will you continue to use DESTRESS 360?
I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I have felt so much peace and clarity, and I would never want to go back to the way I handled stress previously. My life has changed. 

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