Ingredient Spotlight – Nootro-Focus

Ingredient Spotlight – Nootro-Focus

We unpacked each ingredient used in our supplement for your brain.

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Nootro-Focus works to support your mental energy and increase your ability to handle cognitive tasks as efficiently as possible, in order to enhance your daily life - all while serving as a neuroprotective supplement in the long-term. Our scientifically backed formula is made up of 6 ingredients, carefully chosen for their proven benefits which focus on both instant effects and long-term brain support, to ensure that your mind is improving over time. It’s important to understand exactly what’s going into your body, so here’s a breakdown of these 6 key ingredients, which you’ll notice the effects of from as early on as 28 days.

We call this the hero ingredient in Nootro-Focus. Citicoline is an essential chemical that’s produced within every cell in the body. Essentially, it’s fuel for the brain, increasing ATP (brain energy) production and powering neurotransmitters so you can have better focus, attention and mental energy. Our formula uses Cognizin®, a superior form of citicoline that has been proven in human research to increase ATP by 13.6% and accelerate brain cell membrane formation by 26%, providing vital protection from potential future damage.

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa (also known as Brahmi) is a nootropic herb that has long been revered for its ability to improve memory, specifically new learning and information retention. It’s also been proven to accelerate mental processing and help you adapt to stressful situations by promoting relaxation. Our formula, BACOMIND® is a full-spectrum extract that contains nine bioactive strains for maximum efficacy.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom
This medicinal mushroom has been used as a cognitive supplement for centuries. Its star quality is the ability to stimulate the synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF) which promotes brain cell regeneration. Lion’s Mane is vital to Nootro-Focus because of it’s short-term and long-term benefits. It improves memory and cognitive function, all while taking care of your overall health by naturally increasing your levels of choline (an essential nutrient).

An amino acid found in black, green and white tea, L-Theanine stimulates alpha brainwaves which are associated with creativity and focus, while decreasing beta brainwaves, which cause an excited or restless mindset (like when you have that additional espresso shot that you just didn’t need). So the next time you’re in a busy office, noisy cafe, or have kids jumping around while you’re trying to get your head down to work, the L-Theanine in Nootro-Focus will provide a helping hand. It aids the brain in functioning under disruptive conditions, so you get that steady flow of mental clarity and productivity. Superior to green tea extract often found in over-the-counter supplements, our formula Suntheanine® is produced via a patented enzymatic process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves, resulting in a 100% pure L-Theanine.

One of the oldest tree species in the world, Ginkgo Biloba has served as a cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It contains powerful flavonoids (a class of chemical), which have antioxidant qualities, and terpenoids (also chemicals), which help improve circulation by dilating blood vessels. What that means for your brain is an increase in blood flow. Studies have shown Gingko can boost memory and cognitive function while helping you deal with stress and anxiety, thanks to its adaptogenic qualities. As well as it’s immediate benefits, Ginkgo has your back in the long-term as it aids neurogenesis, repairing and rebuilding neurons in the brain.

Another natural adaptogen, Rhodiola is used regularly by elite athletes to boost physical performance. Beyond the physical, it also works wonders for your cognitive health by activating ATP (brain energy) like our hero ingredient, Citicoline. You can’t think straight when you’re feeling the effects of burnout, but Rhodiola has been proven to reduce these symptoms, especially if you’re feeling anxious or highly stressed. It improves the brain’s learning capacity and is particularly helpful when tackling detail-oriented tasks as it heightens the quality and length of your attention span.

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