Solace in the City: Travis

The Nue Co. product expert on finding peace in movement.

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To celebrate the launch of our new stress-busting formula, Functional Fragrance, we asked local New Yorkers to break down how they maintain peace of mind in the city.

Name: Travis Basora

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Profession: Youth track team coach + product expert at The Nue Co.

Finding peace: Being active is what brings me the most peace, I find it therapeutic. I bike everywhere, averaging about fifteen miles a day, and I also climb most days, too. I got into climbing a couple of years back totally by accident when I was trying to think of an interesting date. The romance didn’t really go anywhere, but I caught the climbing bug.

City limits: Living in a city can be draining, but I find if I take the time to tune into myself—and by that I mean, really listen to what my body and intuition is saying—then I feel my best. For me, that means preparing and eating my own food, drinking enough water, getting enough rest, and moving my body.

Food for thought: I used to compete in cross-country running, and it was during that time I became really interested in nutrition and how I fueled my body. I decided to try cutting back, and then cutting out animal products completely—and my body responded really well to it. I didn’t have the intention of becoming vegan, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Switch off: I started volunteering at Brooklyn Boulders a while ago, and eventually ended up teaching there too. I wish I could climb outdoors more, but there aren’t many options in the city. When I need to switch off, I head to the climbing gym. When I climb, I’m completely focused on the mental and physical challenge each climb brings. For a couple of hours I’m able to detach from the outside world and get in touch with the holds on the wall. 

Work-life balance: Writing things down and planning have helped me establish clear limits between my working and personal life. I set intentions and boundaries for myself, and for co-workers as well. Turning off work messages when I’m not at work and blocking out time in my schedule for things I want to do helps me stay balanced and feeling good.

Affirmation: I feel like the best version of myself when I’m doing things I care about with people I love. I also love the way I feel when there is a full moon—it’s something I really look forward to every 28 days. For me, ultimate solace—wherever you are—comes from being true to yourself and allowing self-expression. When I’m alone, I take time to engage with myself: I burn some incense, write affirmations, dance, sing, and make art.

Insider tip: It would have to be Central Park. It is truly one of the most beautiful places. Around the park can be a little hectic, but once you’re in there, my tip is to get lost. It’s one of the few places where you can climb real boulders outdoors, too. When you leave the park, my second tip is to go to Seasoned Vegan for an incredible meal.


Photographs Moran Dankner for The Nue Co.