Why All Skin is Dehydrated Skin

Why All Skin is Dehydrated Skin

And the 1 ingredient it needs to thrive…

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Almost everyone has dehydrated skin. Whether it’s dry or oily. But why?

It’s because we all need more of this ingredient. (And no, it’s not hyaluronic acid.)


It’s true, even if the numbers don’t seem to add up. 

If our bodies are made of 70% water, how can our skin need more of it?

Water is essential for most of our organs’ functions. So, when we drink a glass of H2O, our skin is the last organ to receive it. It’s why most people, whatever their skin type, have dehydrated skin. We all need more water. 

But it’s not just about drinking it. Everyday environmental factors also contribute to dehydrated skin and TEWL. Don’t worry, TEWL isn’t a new abbreviation you need to start using on Instagram. It stands for ‘Trans Epidermal Water Loss’, which is the process of your skin losing water. In winter, colder temperatures mean less moisture in the air, which means less moisture for our skin. It’s why dehydrated skin rules during the colder seasons with that dry, tight feeling.

But there are ways to help dehydrated skin. Scroll for tips to save your skin. 

1. Keep skin acidic

Sounds weird, but hear us out. Your skin’s natural pH level skews slightly acidic at around 4.7. This enables the skin to keep moisture in and bacteria out via the acid mantle - the top of the outer layer of your skin (called the epidermis). The acid mantle acts as a barrier against pathogens, viruses and pollution, and holds in water to retain natural hydration levels.

Using too many active ingredients alters the skin’s acid mantle and pH balance, counteracting its natural ability to function. SKIN FILTER SERUM is formulated with just the right amount of kind-to-skin active ingredients. AHAs smooth and brighten, hyaluronic acid hydrates and plant-based phyto-retinols clear blemishes and plump fine lines.

SKIN FILTER single The Nue Co.


Your ingestible (irritation-free) retinol. Enhances radiance, smooths lines, calms blemishes.


2. Look out for ceramides

You might see ‘ceramides’ on various skincare inci (ingredients) lists. They are the glue that holds skin cells together. Like bricks and mortar, they keep the structure of your skin in place for a strong, healthy foundation. Incorporating this barrier-building ingredient into your routine will repair damage from factors like harsh products or extreme temperature changes.

To rebuild your skin shield, BARRIER CULTURE MOISTURISER is formulated with barrier-strengthening ceramides and peptides, the building blocks of collagen, elastin and keratin, the proteins in your skin that keep it looking firm and smooth.


3. Stop stripping your skin

There are a lot of skincare formulas out there that strip away the water content in your skin, leaving your complexion dry and tight. Without enough water, sebum glands produce excess oil to overcompensate for the lack of moisture, causing acne breakouts, irritation and shiny t-zones. For dry, sensitive skin types, this can lead to flaky skin, eczema and redness.

To keep the balance, opt for a gentle cleanser that won’t disrupt natural hydration levels. BARRIER CULTURE CLEANSER is powered by apple amino acids that won’t throw off skin’s pH, plus hydrating hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory chamomile.



Double cleanses in one non-stripping gel formula. A pre-, pro- and postbiotic face wash.

4. Eat your skincare

We like to use an inside-out approach to skincare. But before you start swallowing your favourite moisturiser, we’re talking skin supplements. Adding an ingestible skin formula into your routine gives your skincare a two-pronged approach: working on the inside of your skin at the deepest layer as well as on the outside with topical formulas.

SKIN HYDRATOR is a supplement formulated with hydrolysed collagen (collagen peptides), which can be easily absorbed into the body. It supports natural collagen production and replenishes lost ceramides to repair the lipid skin barrier from the inside. The result: smooth, plump, hydrated skin on the outside.

SKIN HYDRATOR single The Nue Co.


Dewy, plump skin in a jar. Repairs skin’s water barrier to keep moisture in.

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