Introducing Nootro-Focus

Introducing Nootro-Focus

We designed a supplement for your brain to help focus, memory, attention + reduce anxiety. 

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In essence, a nootropic is a supplement which enhances your brain’s performance and output. Similarly to the way you might rely on your morning espresso to take you from bleary-eyed to bouncy, this category of supplements have the potential to improve memory, focus and in turn, productivity.

Natural nootropics have been used in indigenous ceremonies for centuries, but it wasn’t until the invention of Piracetam (a synthesized version) in the 1960s by Romanian psychologist and chemist Corneliu E. Giurgea that they were introduced to a wider audience. Considering how little time they’ve been around, the fact that the industry is today valued at $6B speaks volumes about the demand for supplements of this nature.

It comes as no surprise, really; who doesn’t want to upgrade their brain to think faster, clearer and better? Entrepreneurs, students, professors...pretty much anyone who faces demanding deadlines or intellectual challenges seek nootropics.

Many of the synthetic versions on the market require a prescription and some of these notoriously abused ‘smart drugs’ aren’t without their side effects either. Natural alternatives, on the other hand, can provide the same brain-boosting benefits without affecting your long-term cognitive health, so there’s no need to be nervous about taking them.

A lot of the cognitive supplements we see now tend to fall into two camps: There’s the instant effect of anti-procrastination pills and powders, which are devoid of long-lasting impact, and there are the future-proofing supplements (like your omega 3s and fish oils), which you take now in the hope that you’ll reap the rewards in 20 years’ time.

We created Nootro-Focus to provide the advantage you want now, alongside the cognitive support you’ll need later. The benefits are two-fold, delivering immediate results while simultaneously being neuroprotective. Our ingredients are clinically proven to support mental energy, focus and attention, enabling you to think clearly even under stressful conditions. So you can take on the next task or intellectual challenge in your stride, with a sense of ease and unwavering focus. In the long-term, Nootro-Focus has your back by supporting brain membranes and encouraging the formation of new ones. Our studies showed that these long-term improvements to cognitive health and function could be seen within 28 days.

So how does it work? Based on a combination of natural innovation from food extracts, traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, Nootro-Focus delivers immediate results by using natural psychostimulants and patented ingredient technology. Organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, a well-known and loved adaptogen, L-Theanine, Ginkgo and Rhodiola combine with other cherry-picked ingredients to supercharge blood flow to the brain and increase communication between neurons, so you’ll notice an improvement in memory, heightened mental clarity and sharpened focus.

Your lifestyle should support a healthy brain as much as a healthy body, and with Nootro-Focus, we’ve proudly created something which is smart, natural and hard-working - so that you can be too.

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