The Gut Health Challenge You Haven't Tried Yet

The Gut Health Challenge You Haven't Tried Yet

... And will see results with.

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POV: you’ve been researching how to improve your overall health and wellbeing and have come across pre- and probiotics. The good kind of bacteria known to feed the gut microbiome (a collection of bacteria) and support your health. 

You’ve just bought your first jar of PRE + PROBIOTIC and are ready to start taking it as part of your daily routine.

But do you know just how many ways these two capsules a day can support your all-round health?

(Hint: it’s a lot.)

So before you start, we have a (slightly unusual) tip.

Get a journal.

Taking a slightly different approach to journaling solely for mental health, we’re applying the same concept to our physical health. By jotting down a few sentences each day, you can keep track of the more subtle health changes that may be occuring thanks to your new pre- and probiotic habit.

To get involved, try our daily 3-minute #GutHealthChallenge.

1. Take 2x PRE + PROBIOTIC capsules before breakfast

2. Take 1x minute to write down how you’re feeling physically today

3. Take 1x minute to write down how you’re feeling mentally today

Stay consistent. Feel the benefits beyond the gut.

Need a little help to get going? Here are some of the prompts to look out for as you track your progress.



Your daily synbiotic to fuel good bacteria in the gut: the backbone of good health.


3-minute #GutHealthChallenge
The journal prompts.

1. How regular are your bowel movements?
Starting off strong. Make a note of how often you’re going to the bathroom - is it once a day at the same time, or once every three days at varied times? What consistency is your stool? (Check the Bristol Stool Chart here for reference. And don’t be shy. This is for your eyes only, and will tell you a lot about your overall gut health.)

2. How does your gut feel right now?
Start by thinking about how your body has been reacting after eating this week. Do you often feel bloated after a meal, or has this improved? Is your digestion sluggish, or does it seem to be more regular? If you suffer from IBS and symptoms like bloating and cramps, have these issues remained the same or started to ease a little? 

3. Have you been ill recently?
80% of our immune system lives in the gut, and can benefit from being fed by pre- and probiotics to support its daily functioning. By taking PRE + PROBIOTIC daily, the good bacteria can get to work to repopulate the microbiome and strengthen natural immunity. So, you may notice your immune system feels stronger, and you’re not catching every cold that’s going around any more.

4. How are you sleeping?
Microbes in the gut produce 400x more melatonin than the pineal gland. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Aside from needing healthy gut bacteria for melatonin production, inflammation in the gut can also cause cortisol (stress hormone) levels to spike. Keeping the gut microbiome in balance ensures levels stay in sync, supporting regular sleep patterns and uninterrupted rest. Have you been able to drift off to sleep more easily? Have you stopped waking up in the night? Do you feel restless before bed, or are you finding it easier to sleep for a full night without issues?

5. How does your skin feel?
Your skin is known as “the mirror to the gut” because it reflects what’s happening on the inside. Like when you get hives as an allergic reaction to something you’ve eaten. When your gut health is balanced, this can help clear acne breakouts via the gut-skin axis - the connection between the internal and topical microbiomes. You might notice your skin is clearer, has less redness and is less sensitive after taking pre- and probiotics.

6. How is your mood?
Another connection is the gut-brain axis. By replenishing the gut microbiome, this allows the gut to support other functions in the body, including balancing mood. This is down to the gut’s connection to the brain through the vagus nerve - the nerve that controls the parasympathetic nervous system. How are you finding your mental energy? How is your mood day-to-day? How is your resilience to stressful situations?

If you ever have any questions about your gut health and how PRE + PROBIOTIC can help, feel free to get in touch at or via DM on social. One of our team will be happy to chat all things gut, anytime!

Now you’ve started taking PRE + PROBIOTIC, here’s what it can do in just 24 hours.