The Nue Co.'s Wellness Resolutions for 2019

Discover the health-oriented goals our team is trying to stick to this year.

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From making the switch to non-toxic cleaning products to training for a marathon, read on and discover the health-oriented goals our team is trying to stick to this year.

Jules Miller, founder + CEO

“Whenever I focus on getting healthier, I pay more attention to adding rather than taking away. How many more vegetables can I eat? How many more juices can I drink? Food is always the best place to start for me. I'm also pledging to be more conscious of food waste. I'm pretty busy and have a tendency to turn to take-out if I'm tired, but this January I'm all about prep and won’t let any perfectly good food rot in my fridge.”

Flo Glendenning, AVP Business Development
My resolution is to embrace the fact that I'm an early bird who cannot stay up late. I've spent years trying to convince myself that I can ‘become’ a night owl who thrives in the evening, but the reality is that I'm at my best in the morning. I also want to move away from using harsh cleaning products in my house.”

Sue Aksaz, Head of Finance
Discover new hiking trails in the New York area and put my phone in airplane mode before going to bed.”

Carla McGraw, Director of Retail + Wholesale
“I plan to run the NYC Marathon in November 2019, so that means training four days a week from now until then. I also want to make my own lunches and shop at the farmer’s markets more. This is really important to me because I believe in supporting local farmers, reducing plastic use, and eating more nutrient-dense food.”

Travis Basora, Product Expert
“This new year some of my fitness goals include starting strength training and running more consistently.”

Rosie Ellis, Director of Marketing Operations
“My wellness resolutions are two-fold: Primarily I plan to focus less on what I eat and more on how it was produced. Secondarily, I'll be prioritizing turning off at the end of my work day. I tend to respond to emails well into the night and end up having a hard time shutting off. In the new year I'll try to keep weekends and weekday evenings for myself and my loved ones.”

Elsa de Berker, Editorial Director
I find one of the best things for my mental health is to use my time off proactively, so my resolutions this year are to call my friends and family overseas every Friday, exercise at least twice a week, and finally finish the draft for my first book.”

Casey Zhang, Social Media Director
“To play the piano more often as a form of meditation and relaxation."

Emily Rose, Community Manager
One of my goals for the new year is to slow down. In New York we spend so much time running around that we are numb to the constant rush. Because of this, I want to unplug as much as possible and bring back habits that have greater meaning—even if that just means having an hour of quiet to myself.”

Pamela Ibanez, Communications + Experiential Marketing Manager
"My goals are to pack my lunch (and cook more!) everyday to reduce waste from takeout and to be more active so I can increase my endorphins."

Tish Dignam, Communications + Marketing Manager
"In 2019, I’d like to make a conscious effort to wake up 10 minutes earlier each morning and meditate or write in my gratitude journal. I’d also like to buy the bulk of my produce at the farmer’s market and continue to shop organic wherever possible." 

Alex Davis, CX Manager
"The biggest thing I want to work on is slowing down. I am constantly on the move. I also really want to get back into meditating every morning."

Demi Straulino, Designer
"To do a little bit of work each day so I can 'enjoy' my final year in college without too much stress."

Photograph Casey Zhang for The Nue Co.