The sustainably sourced scents in MIND ENERGY

The sustainably sourced scents in MIND ENERGY

Why MIND ENERGY is the supplement that keeps on giving back

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Sustainability goes beyond packaging; it lies at the heart of ingredient sourcing. MIND ENERGY is a focus supplement in the form of fragrance, formulated using sustainable and upcycled extracts sourced from community-focused projects around the world. 

Clary sage, juniper, pink peppercorn and clove are blended for a scent that is peppery and fresh with a warm, velvety base. Not only does it positively impact you by invigorating your mental energy and improving your focus, but its impact on the environment and communities is positive too. Here’s how:

Turning waste into fragrance

The fragrance industry is wasteful, with 92 million tonnes of waste from ingredients alone. So we thought, rather than turning fragrance into waste, what if we turned waste into fragrance?

Upcycling ingredients is the creative reuse process of transforming side-stream or waste materials into new innovations of better quality. More than a passing trend, it’s a vital way for all of us to make better use of the earth’s resources and reduce our impact on the environment. An ingredient is classified as upcycled if 50% or more of the carbon it contains comes from upcycled raw materials.

Our Cedarwood Atlas NeoAbsolute is made from sawdust collected as a by-product of the furniture industry. The first round of oil pressing uses cedarwood chips creating “pure” cedarwood oil. The Cedarwood Absolute that we’ve used in MIND ENERGY is created from the cedarwood dust by-product, usually a waste item, which we’re able to extract using molecular distillation. 

Caring for the health of our farmers

Most fragrance ingredients are sourced from the developing world, and while the industry has boomed, many of these communities have not benefited. When the manufacturing of a wellness product puts lives in danger, can it truly ever truly be a ‘health’ product? We think not— farmers shouldn’t sacrifice their wellbeing for ours. 

Within MIND ENERGY, you’ll find ingredients that are sourced through community projects like our Clove Leaf Oil from Madagascar, which is sourced through a foundation that works with over 400 producers to improve their quality of life and preserve the local environment.

With contract-led transparency, the foundation works to secure a stable supply while mitigating the environmental impact. Instead of exporting unprocessed or crude Clove Leaf Oil, the foundation has opened a transformation plant to process the product at source, which has created local jobs and economic support for more fair work. Finally, the community program also funds a natural resources preservation project to replant trees used as firewood in the distillation process. With the help of an NGO, the producer organisations plant more than 80,000 trees every year.

Focusing on education

The Geranium Oil in MIND ENERGY is sourced from Egypt, where new investment into modern equipment and solar panels allows wells and pumps to run on renewable energy. The supplier has also been taught about changing composting processes and 800 jobs have been created through a focus on hiring local people.

Protecting endangered botanicals

MIND ENERGY uses a combination of sustainability sourced natural extracts and steam-distilled essential oils, alongside safe synthetic extracts. Why synthetic? Because ‘natural’ isn’t always sustainable. Natural fragrances are not always greener since the loss of endangered botanicals is as problematic to our biosphere as the loss of endangered animals. 

It's not possible for us to create a 100% natural fragrance while being environmentally and socially responsible—many of the extracts in fragrance are rare and hard to source in a sustainable manner, so in these instances we use 'natural identical' extracts. We do this by working with new technologies to extract essential oils safely and develop cleaner, non-endangered, sustainable sources of natural ingredients. Yes, they are synthetic—but they are a healthier alternative for both us and for the planet.

The formula is non-toxic and free from parabens, phthalates, hexanes, nitromusks and polycyclic musks.