What Can PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC Do in 24 Hours?

What Can PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC Do in 24 Hours?

(It’s an overachiever.)

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We know prebiotics and probiotics are clinically proven to be good for our health. But what do they actually do once inside the gut? And how do they work to support the whole body?

This month, we’re exploring how the circadian rhythm, a.k.a. our internal body clock, is running on Earth time. Syncing up to our planet’s 24-hour day to optimise its daily functions, from the sleep-wake cycle to the digestive system.

Which is where PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC comes in. Scroll to see what it can do in just 24 hours to support short and long term gut health.

Prebiotics and probiotics in the gut

Start here
It’s first thing in the morning, and you’ve just swallowed x2 PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC capsules on an empty stomach. They travel through the mouth, throat and down the esophagus. 

52 minutes later…
The vegan time-delay capsule arrives in the stomach. 

What’s inside the capsule?
We use Bacillus Coagulans, a spore-based probiotic that lies dormant until it reaches the gut, and a prebiotic derived from organic inulin. We added these prebiotics and probiotics inside a time-delay capsule made with a vegan polysaccharide shell. This provides extra protection and means it can survive the acidic environment of the stomach. Why is this important?

The best place to absorb prebiotics and probiotics is in the small intestine. So we wanted to make sure our capsule could act as a shield until it arrived right where it needs to be.

20 minutes later…
Once inside the small intestine, PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC can now finally activate. Here in the alkaline environment of the small intestine, the pH level is around 6.8, which dissolves the capsule shell and releases the prebiotics and probiotics. Ready to feed and fertilise the healthy gut bacteria at the source. 



Your daily synbiotic to fuel good bacteria in the gut: the backbone of good health.


Fun fact
Most prebiotics and probiotics don’t make it to your gut. That’s because many formulas use “live” bacteria, which is notoriously hard to stabilise. It usually “dies” either on the shelf in its packaging or in the stomach acid. Which is why we use 1 strain of spore-based bacteria in a very high dosage (15 billion spores to be exact), rather than multiple strains of live bacteria.

Back to the gut
Here, the prebiotics and probiotics will continue to feed and fertilise the good bacteria, so it can multiply and repopulate the gut. Your gut has a lot of responsibilities, including supporting the immune system, cognitive function and your skin. This healthy bacteria keeps the gut in balance, so whole-body health can continue to thrive.

Your gut’s daily to-do list
✔️Keep 100 trillion microbes well fed

✔️Support the immune system (70% lives here)

✔️Produce 90% of the body's serotonin

✔️Create x400 more melatonin than the pineal gland

✔️Support the body's microbiome (26% lives here)

Time for your next dose
Did you know? Prebiotics and probiotics are transient. This means they enter the gut, interact with your microbes, and make a swift exit. To feel the full benefits, you need to be consistent with your supplement so the gut is always topped up. Which is why we recommend taking them daily, following the 24-hour cycle of the internal body clock, and long term, to heal the gut and keep healthy bacteria in positive balance.



Your daily synbiotic to fuel good bacteria in the gut: the backbone of good health.