The Pill: FAQs

Who is this product for?

THE PILL is for anyone looking for a one-step solution to dull, dry or prematurely ageing skin. It is suitable for all skin types, ages, genders and ethnicities.

How soon will I see results?

THE PILL will change the appearance of your skin in three minutes and the health of your skin in six weeks. Immediately after using THE PILL you will see an instantly depuffing effect on the skin - it will appear smoother and tighter. This is the combination of anti-inflammatory extracts, caffeine and a plant ingredient called Isoamyl Laurate which creates a “second skin” texture. 89% of consumer testers reported instantly tighter, less puffy skin within three minutes of using THE PILL and 95% reported instantly smoother and brighter skin within the same time frame. 

With continual use, The PILL will help hydrate and brighten skin, improve skin’s elasticity and reduce fine lines and pigmentation caused by sun exposure. Within six weeks, 87% of consumer testers reported more hydrated skin and 94% reported more radiant skin.

Is THE PILL suitable for sensitive skin?

THE PILL contains a number of active ingredients alongside skin-soothing extracts, it is formulated to deliver results fast without irritating the skin. If your skin is very reactive, we’d recommend doing a patch test.

Can I use THE PILL alongside retinol or other AHAs?

THE PILL is designed to deliver everything your skin needs in a single daily dose using a high number of active ingredients, so we’d recommend avoiding retinols (or retinoids) and AHA based products.

Is THE PILL serum vegan and cruelty-free?


Can I use it morning and evening?

We would recommend using THE PILL morning or evening. For best results, we recommend using it in the morning to see instant results.

Do I need to use SPF when I use THE PILL?

You should use an SPF daily when you’re using a product containing AHAs, even at low doses.

Can I use this alongside your other skin supplements?

Yes, to address any skin issues long term we would recommend addressing topical and internal issues. THE PILL can be used alongside SKIN FILTER and SKIN HYDRATOR daily. While it can be used in conjunction with TOPICAL-C, we’d recommend starting slowly and working up to avoid any skin irritation.

Can I use this when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We would recommend checking with your doctor if you’re concerned about using any new products during your pregnancy, or if you’re breastfeeding. AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) are considered safe for use during pregnancy, whereas BHAs (i.e. salicylic acid) are not.