My Formula: Joanne Evans on the skin-body-mind connection

My Formula: Joanne Evans on the skin-body-mind connection

We speak to Joanne Evans, founder of Skin Matters wellness clinic, about the combination of facialist techniques and lifestyle factors that give balance back to skin health.

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Treating skin with a bespoke and holistic approach, Joanne Evans and her team at Skin Matters in Notting Hill, London create highly personalised treatments with a results-oriented attitude to give clients ultimate skin confidence.

With over 28 years’ experience as a skin expert and aesthetician, Joanne has a wealth of knowledge as an ingredients specialist and has developed a high-tech, problem-solving, multi-treatment concept for which she is renowned for.

Joanne explains the fundamentals of skin health, from its multi-dimensional nature to why we should reconsider facials as another form of health check.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about skin?

That it's only external stressors that affect the skin. When I sit down with a client I often realise that the skin is a reaction to many other lifestyle factors. The skin is the largest organ in the body and a reflection of our mind and body health. It's important we stop considering it one-dimensional.

What is the most common skin concern you treat?

Inflammation that shows up as breakouts, spots and congestion are incredibly common. The skin is an incredible organ that fights so many elements on a daily basis in order to just keep healthy. Skin health is first and foremost for me. Any form of inflammation can instantly affect the natural functioning of the surface of the skin and once this happens our skin is open to all types of issues. 

What would you say is the most life-changing treatment you offer?

The Skin-Matters Facial. It's not just a facial but a total skin health check with the beauty and relaxation of a facial and science and technology of a dermatologist with full attention given to all your skin needs with every pore and inch of your skin treated by your skin expert. This 8 step treatment includes a 3 stage cleanse, gentle peel and steam, a hydra quenching derma jet, extractions, vitamin infusion using ultrasound and galvanic. Pressure point massage, electric infused mask, more massage and a reflexology foot massage.

What was the biggest learning curve in your career?

After I left my initial training I was part of the Steiner Training Academy. Their meticulous approach to beauty helped bring a whole new perspective on skin. I took my experience and adapted it to create the Skin Matters approach which prioritises the nurture and care of our clients. 

Are there any ingredients used in mainstream skincare that aren’t as effective as we’re led to believe?

The generalisation of 'clean beauty' is a problem area for me. It's hard to navigate this arena when so many brands and products have hijacked the title for marketing purposes. There can be a feeling that the essence of skincare and skin health has been ignored and replaced with trend terms. The Skin Matters treatments focus on balance and everything in moderation and I believe our skincare routine and products should reflect this too. 

How are tools and gadgets changing the way we treat skin?

I love the relaxing benefits of at-home tools and gadgets. It can be easy to slap on your moisturiser and run out the door but products as simple as Gua Sha to more technical ones like LED lights gives us permission to take time for ourselves and maintain our skin post-treatments. Some of our clients are brilliant at looking after their skin at home which means that the next time we see we can work deeper with them and produce faster results. 

How often should we visit a facialist?

Ideally every 4-6 weeks but I know this isn't possible for everyone. If you can't make it that often try and see a facialist as much as you can which might only be once every 6 months or once a year. And that's fine. The best way to look at it is as a health check for your skin like the dentist or any other check-up. Our skin type and issues will change with our lifestyles/ age/ stress and having that regular advice with your skin expert is the best way of keeping your skin in check.

Why is a holistic approach to skincare important?

It's the combining of the inside-out that delivers the best results taking into consideration sleep, diet, how much exercise you are bringing into your life and additional stresses. Your skin is an indicator of everything. The Skin-Matters team are a wellness collaborative working closely to ensure that we bring total balance to our patients across a wide range of treatment options that focus on the skin-body-mind connection. It's the best way to get it right and the best way to see long-term results.

How does using a multi-treatment approach benefit skin?

There can be many layers to what looks like a simple problem and therefore bringing together traditional approaches with cutting-edge technology allows us to create the results our clients deserve. We know there is no one size fit all to our lives journey and how we treat the skin is no different.